• Wine Cooler with active cooling element. Chills drinks in 5 minutes. Keeps drinks cool for hours. Keep the cooling element in the freezer.
  • Bottle Coaster. Stays with the bottle. Fits all standard 750ml wine bottles.
  • Each tasting experience will find its perfect glass in the Cabernet Tulip. A stemglass designed for tasting top wines. The fine rim of the glass enhances the subtlety of the wine’s aromas and flavor. Κάθε δοκιμή κρασιού θα βρει το τέλειο ποτήρι της στο Cabernet Tulip, που σχεδιάστηκε για δοκιμή των τοπ κρασιών. Το λεπτό πλαίσιο του γυαλιού ενισχύει τα αρώματα και τη γεύση του κρασιού.
  • Characterised by an angular opening and hourglass shape, this chef & Sommelier Intuition Decanter makes an interesting addition to the presentations of the wine. This modern decanter offers a large area of contact with the air, essential for creating the taste and the ventilation in your Red Wines pregiati. This crystal decanter is great for the restaurants of luxury, cellars, and other areas of interest for wine enthusiasts.
  • Active Cooler. Chills drinks after 5 minutes. Keep drinks cool for hours. Keep in the freezer. Size for 0.7 - 1.0 L
  • The Sublym wine glass features an elegant design. It features an extremely narrow rim, making it very comfortable to use when tasting. In addition, because they are made out of Kwarx, the glasses resist breakage to an unparalleled degree. Το ποτήρι κρασιού Sublym διαθέτει ένα κομψό σχεδιασμό. Διαθέτει ένα εξαιρετικά στενό χείλος, καθιστώντας το πολύ άνετο κατά την δοκιμή. Επιπλέον, καθώς είναι κατασκευασμένο από Kwarx, το ποτήρι αντέχει στο σπάσιμο.
  • The Supremo 0,75L Red Wine Decanter is uniquely crafted to emphasize and develop the wine’s aroma and flavor to enhance the wine’s characteristics to their fullest.
    • Made in Italy
    • Hand made
    • Drip free
    • Lead free
    • Eco-friendly
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    Vacuum Wine Stoppers. For use with all pumps in our accessories section. Wine Stoppers preserve your wine after opening.
  • The exclusive gift set contains all the essential wine tools for the starting or more experienced wine enthusiast. Clever designed tools that allow easy opening, quick chilling, serving without dripping and vacuum storing to preserve wines. This limited edition gift set contains the following products: Waiter's Corkscrew, Active Wine Cooler, Wine server Crystal, Wine Saver and Wine Stoppers.
  • Wine Saver

    Wine Saver includes a vacuum pump and 2 wine stopppers. Preserves your wine after opening. Vacuum indicator: clicks when vacuum is reached. Not suitable for sparkling wines.