Riesling Zoebinger Heiligenstein 2012, 13% alc., White Dry, full body
Characteristics: Medium yellow-green with silver highlights; slightly reticent at first, fine nuances of yellow peach, a hint of greengage plums and inviting blossom-honey. Substantial, presenting white tropical fruits and a knife’s-edge acidic structure. Limes and lemons in the finish, mineral salts – quite gripping.
Food pairing: Steamed or grilled fatty fish, crabs or chicken cooked in rich creamy sauces.
Grape variety: Riesling. Barrel maturation: Yes (in large oak casks). Ideal serving temperature: 10-12°C

The eye roves over vineyards and fruit trees all the way up to the prominent acclivity where the top sites lie: Lamm, Gaisberg, Grub, Renner and Heiligenstein. It is the Kamptal (Kamp River Valley), its soils and vegetation and climate, that endows our wines with their character and distinctive nature. And one could also say, with their ‘attitude’. The wines resplendent with vigour, where firm minerality meets a luxuriant texture – each one articulating its site and its soil. Vibrant clarity makes for joyful anticipation of the next glass. Hirsch Estate wines rarely have more than 13% alcohol; this lightness of character is a special concern of ours. Since 1999 they have given undivided attention to the two grape varieties Riesling and Gruener Veltliner.