Ultra Malbec is a wine that expresses the wish of the Kaiken and Montes team of winemakers and growers to share their experience and knowledge of making high-quality wines on both sides of the Andes, particularly with these varieties emblematic of Argentina and Chile. In Mendoza, they grow it at their fincas in Uco and Vistalba.

This wine has tremendous structure, complexity, and a long finish. It has persistent tannins that are both firm and rounded. It’s known for its minerality, fresh fruit, elegance, and sensuousness. Twelve months in barrel and another six in the bottle, complete this outstanding wine.

Kaiken, a new label, is the first Argentine venture of Aurelio Montes, the respected wine maker of the Chilean Vina Montes, producers of the excellent Montes Alpha wines. Kaiken is a Mapuche Indian word for a Patagonian goose that, appropriately, ranges on both side of the Andes. The wines are produced from purchased grapes sourced from several different vineyards in the Tupungato area of Mendoza, and are being made at a leased winery facility. After determining which areas produce the best fruit, Montes eventually plans to acquire his own vineyard land in Argentina and build his own winery there.The name “Kaiken” comes from the Patagonian native word for a wild goose that, appropriately, ranges on both sides of the Andes.